Overpayment Scams: How They Work, And How To Avoid Them

You are probably aware of different kinds of scams, from Ponzi schemes to debit card fraud, but because we care, we want to explain a recent scam method known as the Overpayment Scam.

These days where all you need to run a business is an Instagram account, online vendors are the most common victims of this scam.

Here is how they do it:

- A vendor is contacted by the scammer, who indicates interest in a product, then uses a stolen debit card to pay more than the agreed amount.

We know that sometimes living in Nigeria feels a little difficult, and the things we see on the news do not help matters.

It’s very tempting to pick up a passport, find a way to Murtala Muhammed Airport, and jump on a plane out of the country…

But before you make that move, think twice, in fact, think three times. You will really, really miss Nigeria if you decide to japa, and here are five reasons why:

  1. The Food: If not for anything else, you will miss all the mouth-watering dishes that form an important part of Nigerian culture. Our…

We know, we were curious too…

Until we took time to watch the game again, and break it down in bits.

It probably sounds very cliche, like, Monday-morning-on-LinkedIn kind of cliche to try drawing out life lessons from a 90-minute game of football, but the truth is that we learned a number of things from seeing The Blues nullify their counterparts on a cold Saturday night. We want to share, and we hope you find them useful:

  1. Trust your guts: Few days before the game, a video surfaced of Manchester City’s coach, Pep Guardiola, discussing what Chelsea’s game plan would…

The Importance of Rest — Purposed and Deliberate.

We’ve been hard wired by societal norms to think that rest is for those who are not busy. Me? Not busy? That’s an abomination! We fill every waking second with activity. We sometimes fail to check whether all the movement is even in the right direction. We tell ourselves -do not stand still else you will be run over and fail at everything.

Rest in today’s world is even more important than ever before. Do you know lack of sleep will kill you faster than lack of food? Read that again. So…

Paga: Challenging the Norms; Creating a New Future of Female Leaders.

Gender plays a significant role in defining leadership roles and determining the quality of services in organizations. Gender refers to social traits of men and women that range from norms and relationships to roles which studies have revealed to affect people’s perceptions. Leadership, on the other hand, refers to practical skills incorporating the ability of an individual to guide others towards attaining a common objective. These structures, relations, and social roles influence people’s activities and approaches to handle challenges. …

by Sola Boladuro

I’ll start with one of Tayo’s frequently used quote, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far go together”. We all know businesses are more successful when they focus on their customers and put them at the heart of all they do! There are different ways of doing that, from offering products or services that customers want to buy, to ensuring a seamless customer journey and fast resolution of any issues. True customer focus means operational efficiency: teamwork and cooperation to provide a positive customer experience.

So where do bees come in?

I recently…

As a tech-savvy millennial constantly making use of FinTech platforms, you must have come across the KYC requirement at least once in your life and probably wondered what it represented and/or meant.

Look no further, the KYC is basically an acronym for “Know Your Customer”. It refers to a process that banks, FinTechs and all other providers of financial services need to engage in, in order to verify the authenticity of users on their platform.

The KYC requirement is a compulsory practice put in place by the regulatory institution responsible for monitoring the actions of financial service providers in a…

Place your bets when your wallet is funded

In case you missed it, Betway is available on Paga!

As an official payments partner for Betway, Paga is facilitating wallet funding for Betway users by leveraging our digital payments technology. We are proud to be playing such an important role in Betway’s mission to build a digitized sports betting company by offering a secure payments platform for users to fund their Betway account seamlessly.

Here’s how it works

  1. Download/Log in to the Paga App
  2. Select ‘Pay Bill’
  3. Enter ‘Betway’ in the ‘Search Biller’ box
  4. Enter your ‘Betway’ account number
  5. Enter Amount
  6. Review details and pay

You can also walk into any of our…

Closing the gender equality gap isn’t a walk in the park, and a part of our ethos at Paga is empowering women in achieving their career goals. In line with this, we’ve created the Paga Girl Child Scholarship scheme to strengthen our efforts in making life possible by promoting equality for women across different spheres of life — beginning with education.

Since we launched the initiative, first to our Agents, we received a lot of applications. All of which stood out in unique ways.

Today, we are proud to announce the first winner of the Paga Girl Child Scholarship: Glorious…

There’s so much going on in the world right now and we believe that this is a time for us to come forward, together and lend a helping hand to combat the COVID-19 pandemic to preserve our lives. As part of our contribution towards helping this season, we built an all-new donation platform — Donate.ng

Now, more than ever is the season to help people in need; from health care workers needing support to fight the coronavirus pandemic, to needing to ramp up COVID-19 testing and supporting people who have been affected economically by this pandemic.

This platform will give…


Paga is Nigeria’s leading mobile money company. We are enabling people to digitally send and receive money, and creating simple financial access for everyone.

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